Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

rosie huntington whiteleyRosie Alice Huntington-Whiteley (18.04.1987) was born in Davon, Great Britain. Rosie is one of in-demand top model of present time. She became famous as a Victoria’s Secret Angel and for her contracts with Burberry as their campaign identity. When she was 15, she started working in a model agency. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley became well-recognized after a Levi’s campaign, and her contract with Teen Vogue was her gateway to fame. At 18 she moved to New York and signed contracts with some famous lingerie and makeup brands. Now, she`s a girlfriend of top movie star, Jason Statham.

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Cara Delevingne boyfriends & girlfriends

Karlie_Kloss__Cara_DelevingneCara Delevingne`s one of the brightest and most scandalous top models of the present. She lives her life to the fullest: working with the most famous fashion houses, travelling all over the world and, of course, there are lots of rumors about her relations, alcohol and drugs. Sexual relations are always discussed most of all, especially when such a fertile ground is granted. Cara Delevingne`s list of boyfriends and girlfriends is quite impressive! Read the rest of this entry »

Cara Delevingne – all her tattoos, hairstyle and makeup.

cara-delevingneCara Jocelyn Delevingne

(August 12, 1992) is a scandalous British top model and actress. She`s one of “stylish persons of fashion industry under 45″ according to the American magazine Vogue. She is the 5th of “50 World Supermodels”, she`s also one of “a 1,000 most Influential people of London, 2011″ by the Evening Standard, (as “Most Invited”). During her not very long career, Delevingne became the campaine identity for most of distinguished fashion companies. Also, being a bright and attractive person, she found lots of fans in Instagram and other socials. Some time ago Cara Delevingne got in movie industry and was busy in some ambitious projects, so now she is recognizable not only among fashion-fans. Belonging to a wealthy and honorable family, Cara is one of the most outrageous and scandalous top models of the modern fashion industry. Some time ago Cara revealed her bisexuality and had affairs with Michelle Rodriguez (it didn`t last long, though) and St. Vincent. Read the rest of this entry »

How to wear boots over the knee?

Boots over knee
Boots over the knee are so classic and sexy. Of course, you must have good legs, because otherwise gets the opposite effect. And since it’s winter boots are respected, today we will show you four ideas how to wear these over the knee, so always look stunning.

An official event
Many women do not know that boots over the knee may be a great choice for a more formal occasion or business meeting. What makes them sexy is when you see the purpose, so combine them with a skirt or dress to the knee.

Hot vision and style
All you have to do is to combine over the knee boots with a short skirt / dress.
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Britney Spears presented new bikini collection

Britney Spears swimswear
Britney Spears released her new collection – Intimate Britney Spears. Advertising photos singer posing in sexy lingerie and swimwear.
Last year, the 33-year-old singer launched its brand underwear for this Spring/Summer 2015 she first presented and swimwear.
“Every woman should feel confident and beautiful in what they wear. My vision for Intimate Britney Spears is to create models that are sexy, luxurious and comfortable. I am thrilled that I will present this collection, because I believe that by it will achieve just that”, said the singer.
Of course the models are really nice and proper for everyday usage. They are proper for each woman and are not as expected too extravagant. Definitely we should agree that maybe the models are too normal for the singer and for the designers this summer. The collection of Britney Spears definitely is good option for the summer wardrobe for every woman, as of course it is hot enough to be remarkable on the beach or in the bedroom.
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Best and Worst dressed stars at Grammy Music Awards 2015

Beyonce Dress Grammy 2015
The prestigious music Grammy awards were presented at a ceremony at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles. The big winner of the evening became Sam Smith, who grabbed four awards. Famous ladies this year were staked much of glitter, sequins and deep necklines. Of course, there were fashion faux pas, which gathered quite negative comments.
Best dressed starts at Grammy music awards were Beyonce, Katy Perry, Jessie J and Taylor Swift. Beyonce was very sexy in black translucent dress Proenza Schoule, which was combined with long green earrings. Although most famous ladies rely on dresses, singer Gwen Stefani looked lovely in black coveralls Atelier Versace. Singer Sia and the young dancer Maddie Zeigler also were interesting clothes combined with puffed platinum blonde wigs. Katy Perry, which for some time to hang with purple hair was put on shiny silver dress Zuhair Murad and satin sandals Sophia Webster. Jessie J made a great performance with the legendary Tom Jones. For the ceremony she was also chosen brilliant dress with floral motifs.
We are big fans of designer Elie Saab and that is why we like the choice of Taylor Swift – turquoise dress that showed off her long legs.
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How to wear your bra?

WOman Bra
Every woman needs at least a few bra in your wardrobe. Although we should not ignore what they look like – nice color, fabric quality is much more important that fit properly on our breasts.
The right bra for you improves your posture stresses your body and most importantly to be convenient. The statistics show that 85% of women wear the wrong size.
If you want to wear the bra on the right way it should be comfortable and to follow the shape of your breast. The back of the bra should form a straight line and not to form U-shape. If the U-shape is formed, than most probably you are using too small bra size and will feel definitely uncomfortable – it will clamp. The bra cups should follow your breast, but not to press it. You should feel it comfortable, neither pressed or too loose.
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Crayons dresses

Crayons dressOne of our favorite things when we were children – the crayons, now merged with one of our favorite things as adults – fashion. The crayola crayons have become beautiful and stylish outfits.
The unusual idea is the work of of the fashion brand Bloomingdale’s. The US retail chain has commissioned various designers, including Derek Farrar, Rebecca Taylor and Ronny Kobo, create clothing using crayons for drawing.
The unique models are included in their spring campaign, and have to admit that they have received really well. Definitely the style of the dresses are amazing and look great, so can be used either for every day, or for official occasions. Definitely the beautiful dresses are with fresh and hot colors, which makes them proper for the Spring and Summer.
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Greg Michaels handbags

Greg Micheals Tanya Leather white with chain
Greg Michaels presented their latest collection of women handbags for Autumn/Winter 2014-2015. The collection is consisted of 100% genuine real leather handbags mostly in white and silver. The fashion brand quickly entered into the race with the top real leather designer handbag brands and set a position as a leader in women accessories. The elegant vision and the compact style make the handbags of Greg Michaels among the best sellers in the market this season. In the Autumn/Winter 2014-2015 collection of Greg Michaels we can see a lot of models in bright colors with golden and silver metal ornaments, which are completing the decoration and make the whole style, more elegant and beautiful. Definitely the handbags of Greg Michaels are proper for official occasions or daily life. You can purchase the latest products of Greg Michaels handbags from their website, where only get get the most quality products of the brand with 100% of quality guarantee.
“Our designers meticulously toil to produce world class goods which are sometimes considered art but always considered stylish. Whether going to work or attending a dinner party, Greg Michaels handbags will always be your most powerful statement”, started the company after the official review of the Autumn/Winter 2014-2015 collection on Greg Michaels Facebook page.
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Latest fashion trends in outwear

Woman jacket fur
The beauty of autumn brings the convenience of soft fabrics and the down coats. As an integral part of our wardrobe for the cold days, coats are a major investment that we definitely want to be refundable. To combine both practical modern and beautifully selected for you the latest trends in coats this season and we boldly stated that a time comes opportunities.
One of the classics that every season is highly relevant and no tendency to change soon is Trench. The story of one of the most famous outerwear talk about practicality, despite modernized design solutions is still preserved to this day. The beauty of the garment is mainly due to its cleverly combining both formal cocktail dress and a denim shirt for the day. If you have not yet acquired a trench, now is the time.
The down coats and short jackets greatly caused a sensation in the fashion industry with volume and playful touch, which introduced into each silhouette. The effect of movement depends on the length of the hair, and the most effective are determined overflowing contrasting shades. Except that emit class and individuality, this type of outerwear are very suitable for heat retention and worst and cold days.
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