Child Modelling is all in the Smile

Child female modelChild modelling is all about that cheeky grin; the image that screams youth and invites us all to remember our younger years. Headshots are the medium through which an agent will see the potential in your child. If they don’t make it, it’s not their fault, but it’s all about giving them the best chance to do something interesting and fun, and be able to put away some money. In many ways, taking a good headshot of a child model is the same as for any other model, although most adults probably won’t lose a tooth during a photo session! That actually happened to one of our photographers who specializes in photographing children. The boy in question realized one of his baby teeth was falling out but he remained calm and continued the shoot, like a professional!

Initially you will only need to send in a couple of colour snaps of your child, they do not need to be professional photos. Natural photos work best and do make sure they are clear and in focus and that at least one of them shows their face and features clearly. The child modelling agency will decide whether they use those images or ask you to bring your child along for a photo shoot. Depending on your child’s age you should really update your photos every 12-18 months. Children change a lot very quickly and you don’t want to misrepresent them and show up to a casting only to be turned away immediately.
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Fashion Tips: What you should bear in mind before buying jewelry online

Woman JewelryJewellery is always the thing to buy for any occasion, be it a festive one or somebody’s birthday. In earlier times, people would go to stores and look for jewellery. Many would even consider it a family occasion and thus prepare for it accordingly. All in all, it would make the whole thing a very hectic affair. However, with the advent of the Internet, the entire system has changed. Now anybody can order jewellery they want online without the unnecessary running around since there are many jewelry stores online which just at your fingers. We can easily find some good sources for cheap wholesale jewelry or affordable costume jewelry through Internet. Thus this makes the entire process much easier.

However, ordering jewellery or fashion jewelry online does not come without its fair share of dangers and its best to keep certain things in mind in order to prevent problems later. The Internet can be an unsafe place and precautions ought to be taken. The most important thing to check is if the website where you’re ordering from is an authentic website or not.  Fake websites will naturally take your money and not give you anything. Check if the website has a certificate of authenticity and if the checkout has good security encryption. Websites of known jewelers are the best.
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Preity new face for the fashion world

Pretty UpalaMeet Preity Upala,  Hollywood actress, international model and multiple beauty title winner. She has worked across several continents: Australia, USA, Asia and Europe. She is the current face of Villa Thea Luxury resort in Greek islands, ORION SPA in Thailand, Chloe and Isabel jewelry line, Jose Eber Hair and is in talking with some major cosmetic companies.

She has also endorsed brands such as FACEBOOK, HP, EBAY and Clear Trip and Marriot hotel group.

She has modeled for various fashion designers such as: Seafolly, Style brazil, Anna Campbell, Intimo, Jian Ador Couture, Shekhar Rehate, Kyotap, Culture Shock and Jack and Jill design.

She is known in USA for bring crowned Miss India international AP 2012. Prior to that she has also won the miss India Portugal title in 2011 and the Miss Earth Australia 2009. Her claim to fame came about, as she became an overnight sensation in China accepting 3 film awards, presented by Mr. Jackie Chan himself, at the Asia Pacific Film Festival. She is well known in Russia for being the official host of the Moscow International Film Festival. She gave a speech in Russian language to a Russian audience on spirituality that sparked media frenzy and was featured in a story by MTV Russia.
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What To Look For In Sunglasses To Ensure Enough Protection

Jessica Alba SunglassesIt is difficult to imagine that there is anyone out there who does not realise the harmful effects that the sun can have on our skin. We are all well versed in the importance of sunscreen, but few of us really pay attention to the amount of damage that the sun could be doing to our eyes. The reality is that we need to be making sunglasses as much of a priority as sunscreen in order to stop ultraviolet rays from causing cumulative damage to our eyes over the years resulting in serious problems with our sight. However, before rushing out to buy a pair of sunglasses from the local store, it is worth considering whether or not they can offer any effective protection!

How Do Sunglasses Protect Our Eyes?

The light which can damage our eyes is UVB – the same rays that burn our skin. This light measures between 320 and 390 nanometers. This means that in order for sunglasses to be effective they need to block out at least 95% of these rays. Often sunglasses are marked UV400 to indicate that they block out any UV light under 400 nanometers. It is the level of UV protection that is important and not how dark the tint is. The tints are largely cosmetic and in fact, the darker your glasses the more your pupils will dilate and the more light they will allow into your eye, so lighter tints are actually more important.

Are Cheap Sunglasses Effective?

It is often assumed that in order to get the appropriate level of protection for our eyes we have to hand over large sums of cash for expensive designer sunglasses. However, this may not necessarily be the case! What people fail to realise is that many expensive sunglasses are made by the same people making the ones on sale at the gas station for under 10 bucks! The important thing is not the price, but that you are choosing quality sunglasses which offer a good level of UV protection. A number of tests have been carried out in recent years which have shown that cheaper sunglasses are no more or less effective than their more expensive versions. The important thing is to look for a style that offers good coverage and which has a quality mark to certify that they block the UV that they claim to! It is wise to look for a UV400 sign on the tag.
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Male Modelling Workout

Male ModelHere is a workout especially for male models who want to look toned and healthy. This workout isn’t your everyday fitness workout that calls for 30 minutes on the treadmill and 10 reps on the bench press, this workout is designed for the guys who want a body like an world class fashion model.

This workout guide not only covers what kind of training to do in the gym, but also gives diet suggestions and supplementation tips to help increase the effectiveness of the entire fitness model program.

The Abercrombie workout takes advantage of cutting edge research in fitness training, diet, and supplementation to deliver the best possible results in the shortest amount of time. The workout itself utilizes a combination of specialized workout routines and proper nutrition guidelines that lead to extremely high of  levels of hypertrophy and overall growth, while at the same time burning extra body fat. Due to high level of specialization the Abercrombie workout is extremely effective in building the same physique as the fitness models you see every day.

The problem with the majority of fitness routines is that they’re designed for either out of shape individuals who are trying to lose a few pounds or for the high school football player trying to put on as much size and strength as possible. You need to be strong to look strong. No one wants to put on 10 pounds of muscle if it comes along with 10 pounds of fat. Why, because all that muscle will be hidden and it will just make the individual even more out of shape.

The key to building a physique that catches the attention of everyone at the beach is building solid level of muscle and then burning off the fat that covers it. In addition to this, the muscle has to be built in the right places. so the key to an appealing physique is not only size but also muscle symmetry. the first part of the Abercrombie workout focuses on losing body fat. You should be at 10% body fat before considering moving on to phase 2 which is muscle mass.

During part 1 of the Abercrombie workout is not to build muscle. But instead to focus on increasing muscle tone without increasing the actual size of your muscles. If you are interested in male modelling or fitness modelling don’t give up, it can be a great career.

Finding a Good Teen Modelling Agency

Teen modelTeen modelling is a highly competitive and saturated market and the advice provided by a teen model agency can make all the difference, offering you valuable business guidance as well as a professional helping hand. It is almost impossible to make it on your own and so finding the right agency backing is essential.

When assessing a teen modelling agency, look for reputation and experience – by selecting one that has been around for a few years, you’ve got the reassurance that they’re still in business for a good reason. An established agency is much more likely to have good contacts and people with bona fide experience of working in the industry. It’s also well worth checking out any agency who offers additional modelling services.

Finding a good teen model agency that can offer you a taster shoot, a professional teen modelling portfolio and a modelling assessment, as well as the usual advice, gives you lots of advantages. By attending an agency assessment, you’ll hear first-hand from the professionals whether or not you’re suitable for the industry; this is possibly more important than you realize, because even though your friends and family may have been telling you you’d make an model, they have no direct experience and they may be a little bit biased!
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Coco Rocha

Coco RochaCoco Rocha entered into the world of fashion at the age of 15 and today, 10 years later, she is one of the most popular non-standard and top models in the industry.
Coco Rocha was born on September 10, 1988 in Canada. Her real name is Michaela (affectionately Coco) Rocha. The beautiful model had Russian, Irish and Welsh roots of origin. At early ages Coco Rocha deals with Irish dancing. Of race in Irish dancing spotted her fashion agent Charles Stuart. Until now, 15-year-old Mika knows nothing about the fashion world, but decided to try.
The first big contract in the world of the fashion industry for Coco Rocha came in 2004. Then be a model signed with modeling agency Supreme. Two years later came the big breakthrough for Coco Rocha. She was on the cover of the fashion bible – Vogue, Italy. Henceforth her ​​career shoots up. Just a few weeks after the cover of Vogue, Coco Rocha participated in the fashion week in New York and Paris.
Reviews, which Coco Rocha draws all eyes to him is in 2007, when marched for Jean Paul Gaultier. Then top model opened the show, playing Irish dance.
Coco Rocha is one of the most popular and non-top models. The combination of piercing blue eyes and pronounced features, makes it memorable. Among its biggest successes have been in photo shoots and covers Vogue, Flare, Fashion, Numero, W, Harper’s Bazaar and others. Marched for Versace, Balenciaga, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Dior, lanvin, Yves Saint laurent, Tommy Hilfiger, Zac Posen, Rimmel and many more.

Hats fashion trends for Summer 2014

Hat Trends 2014The hat is an essential accessory for the summer. The Classical Choir of straw, fabric or synthetic material, remains a hit for summer 2014. Most actual color of course white. White is the absolute ruler of the summer trends, even with hats. Diversify Chapel with great color scarf to highlight the rest of your vision. If you are planning a beach look, pair it with a bikini.
Hat type of bell is an unusual choice for the summer. It covers most of the face. Suits many combinations of flax. For beach not hesitate to combine retro swimsuit returning this summer. Hats bell type seen in the collections of some major fashion brands such as DSquared2.
Fedora hats in different variants – narrow and wide-brimmed also top trend. Select Fedora with bright colors for summer. More daring can bet on the color print. Fedora hats easily be combined with any hairstyle – short and long hair, even shallow. Fedora hats are perfect for every day and combine easily with casual wear, especially combinations of denim.
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Swimsuit trends 2014

Woman SwimsuitNo matter where you go on vacation, most of the ladies prepare their summer vacation and need to find the the most modern and most attractive clothes, dresses and swimsuit. Definitely to be beautiful and fascinating on the beach, you need to know the latest fashion trends in swimsuits and to choose the most proper one for your figure.
Among the leading trends in swimwear this year is mixing prints and colors. Do not hesitate to choose the top favorite in print and a plain bottom or to combine top and pants in two different colors. If you are not yet brave enough to bet a more classic options – or pants in black and white top with spectacular print. To keep up with the trends, choose low waist panties or the side and top connections type bandu or closed around the neck.
The retro trend is temporary last years, but this season is paying more attention to the cut than the colors and prints. Retro swimsuits are elegant, stylish and suitable for women with shapely figure. Select bikini with high waist and top or bustier type braletka. Popular is also heart-shaped. Fans of the trend are Dolce & Gabbana, whose retro swimsuit became a hit among the stars.
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Flat shoes for Summer 2014

Flat ShoesThe fashion is showing more and more its practical side, offering comfortable and stylish options for everyday. For example, along with high heels, flat shoes seized the podium. See the latest flat shoes for spring. The flat shoes are ideal shoes. While there is no sex appeal of high heels, they compensate with comfort, casual elegance fresh style. Many of the current flat shoes are familiar to us than before, but lately designers have imposed various terms of the models that often confuse buyers. Therefore, we studied what are the similarities and differences between modern flats.
Espadrilles are flexible, comfortable, eco-oriented, espadrilles never really left the fashion. Their upper part is made ​​of soft cotton fabric, and the sole makes them look thin, coiled rope. More recent models are also available with lace or knit top, so that the shoes look more feminine. Espadrilles are suitable for both men and women are comfortable for spring and summer, so go invest in them.
Called ballerinas, these shoes are rounded in front, with a very low and flat sole with a low-cut top, but closed the finger (of course already met models with front opening). Neat, delicate and feminine, slippers often come with ribbon or other decorative element in front. And since this season of fashion shoes are sharp, do not be surprised if you see in stores low shoes with a sharp point.
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