Greg Michaels handbags

Greg Micheals Tanya Leather white with chainGreg Michaels presented their latest collection of women handbags for Autumn/Winter 2014-2015. The collection is consisted of 100% genuine real leather handbags mostly in white and silver. The fashion brand quickly entered into the race with the top real leather designer handbag brands and set a position as a leader in women accessories. The elegant vision and the compact style make the handbags of Greg Michaels among the best sellers in the market this season. In the Autumn/Winter 2014-2015 collection of Greg Michaels we can see a lot of models in bright colors with golden and silver metal ornaments, which are completing the decoration and make the whole style, more elegant and beautiful. Definitely the handbags of Greg Michaels are proper for official occasions or daily life. You can purchase the latest products of Greg Michaels handbags from their website, where only get get the most quality products of the brand with 100% of quality guarantee.
“Our designers meticulously toil to produce world class goods which are sometimes considered art but always considered stylish. Whether going to work or attending a dinner party, Greg Michaels handbags will always be your most powerful statement”, started the company after the official review of the Autumn/Winter 2014-2015 collection on Greg Michaels Facebook page.
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Latest fashion trends in outwear

Woman jacket furThe beauty of autumn brings the convenience of soft fabrics and the down coats. As an integral part of our wardrobe for the cold days, coats are a major investment that we definitely want to be refundable. To combine both practical modern and beautifully selected for you the latest trends in coats this season and we boldly stated that a time comes opportunities.
One of the classics that every season is highly relevant and no tendency to change soon is Trench. The story of one of the most famous outerwear talk about practicality, despite modernized design solutions is still preserved to this day. The beauty of the garment is mainly due to its cleverly combining both formal cocktail dress and a denim shirt for the day. If you have not yet acquired a trench, now is the time.
The down coats and short jackets greatly caused a sensation in the fashion industry with volume and playful touch, which introduced into each silhouette. The effect of movement depends on the length of the hair, and the most effective are determined overflowing contrasting shades. Except that emit class and individuality, this type of outerwear are very suitable for heat retention and worst and cold days.
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How to wear white clothes this Autumn?

White clothesThe white color is most often associated with purity, which brings extremely underlined its practicality. Numerous options for different combinations allow improvisation as with fabrics and different shades, turning classic color in one of the most common choices of every lady. By presenting the latest collections for autumn-winter 2014, designers have confirmed the strong influence of snow-white color in the wardrobe for the cold days, demonstrating artistic decisions and modern inspirations. We present the current options on how to wear and combine white in its silhouette.
There are combinations that never go out of fashion. Each season rediscover the more traditional monochrome combinations of black and white. Otherwise simple style can be broken and modernized with horizontal or vertical stripes, and movement in silhouette can bring with pleated skirt. The beauty of this type of combination with white allows for development in the practical direction as it is equally suitable for daily administration and for special occasions.
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Nina Ricci top a fashion trend of combining different earrings

Nina Ricci reviewThe French fashion house “Nina Ricci” violated the rules during the fashion week in Paris by combining different earrings for each model. the scandalous review put a new trend in the fashion styles in accessories. The audience had the opportunity to see unusual combinations of different shaped ornaments. One earring model was large, and the other – smaller. Definitely this fashion style was most impressive part of the Nina Ricci review, taking eyes of all the fashion experts.
Some time ago it was fashionable to wear only one earring great, and now “Nina Ricci” a trend to combine two different earrings.
This is a useful tip for ladies who often lose one earring.
So they will continue to be your favorite jewelry in a new modern and unique way that will not go unnoticed. If this is good or not, you can decide by yourself, but the chances in the fashion industry and trends give you the availability to try and to be brave with your clothing style and accessories.

Reebok with new magic kids collection

Reebok kid collectionReebok revives the magic of Disney with a new children’s clothing collection for Fall/Winter 2014. The world sports and fitness brand Reebok unveiled its cooperation with one of the most beloved companies – Disney. Beginning of global cooperation will be put through a series of children’s clothing season Fall/Winter 2014, which will combine the best sports clothing and shoes with Reebok’s iconic and beloved characters from five films Disney and Disney/Pixar – Sleeping Beauty, Frozen, Maleficent, Planes, Cars and rescue teams. Cooperation with Disney coincides with Reebok’s mission to combine fitness and fun while motivating children to actively engage in sports and have fun.
The debut collection includes playful garments series Classics and Fitness, inspired by Disney and underline the exciting life of children. Clothing for girls include animated graphics from Disney Princesses and pearl details that emphasize the fairy-tale feeling.
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Vera Wang wedding dresses

Wand wedding dressAlmost every woman dreams to get married in a dress by Vera Wang. Just 20 years, it managed to establish itself as the most popular designer wedding dresses, although non-standard models creates. See wedding dresses by Vera Wang. Vera Wang is a child of Chinese immigrants. She grew up in a wealthy family, attended a prestigious private schools. Luxury is not it strange, as evidenced in each dress collections. The beginning of her fashion career is associated with various fashion brands – Yves Saint Laurent and Ralph Lauren. She was a fashion editor at Vogue.
The idea to go into the wedding business it comes in 1989. When he began to plan their wedding. Then future designer finds that nowhere can find the right dress and accessories. Therefore occupies itself with the venture.
A year later opened its first boutique, which only makes custom wedding dresses. Vera Wang has Couture collection, and today her company offers everything for a wedding. Her dress, however, are accessible to few, because their prices are in thousands of USD.
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Boho chic style

Boho styleBohemian fashion, more common as Boho chic, is among the latest trends in recent years, but lately seems to strengthen its position. How to get Boho style and what are its characteristics?
Boho style is not for everyone – you need to have a free spirit, not to worry about fashion misunderstandings to love to experiment and mix and keep the convenience. Boho style is light and casual, holding clothes to be made of certain fabrics (silk, linen, cotton, denim, velvet, leather). Play with the variety of accessories – different style and size. With their help we can build Boho style with romantic notes or hippie twist.
The clothes are mainly in earthy colors – pastels and neon colors are not suitable for this style. However, impressive as ethnic prints, graphic or floral enjoy special priority. Can not go wrong, even if you decide to combine them with each other. Search also clothes with embroidery, tassels, buttons, lace.
For Boho style comfort is most important to him, so you will not see high and thin heels – here they are taboo. However, you can choose between sandals, cowboy boots, boots with a thick heel ankle and why not flip flops.
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Fashion tips for office style

woman businessMany women have problem with the wardrobe in the morning until they find appropriate clothing for work. For office style can be very “subtle”. What can you wear at work – see our 5 ideas for office style. Many people take the wrong office style, they believe that this is one of the most boring styles in fashion. The truth is that if you want, you can always spice it with the right color combinations and with the right clothes. If you have selected a set of two parts, one to watch in a neutral color and the other in a bright hue to focus.
If you job does not allow bright colors, then go safely but breaking stereotypes by adding spectacular accessory (large bag, a beautiful scarf, necklace volume). Remember that prints are your allies – floral, geometric, stripes, even animal (as long as you use it carefully).
Always keep in your wardrobe white shirt, slim trousers and little black dress. So even if you do not know what to wear to the office, you will have ready solutions.
As for the shoes, high heels are not the only choice. Shoes with low heels or even flat soles can also be elegant and stylish. If you insist to “go high”, but do not want a whole day to experience discomfort, carry a pair of ballerinas – are still so big handbags.
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Fashion tips how to wear scarf

Woman hot ScarfThe scarf is a must-have accessory all year round, but when the weather gets cold, it becomes a fashion shield from the cold wind. Check out our ideas on how to axes scarf this fall. Fashion scarf can be worn instead of a collar, have in recent years. For this you need a circular scarf that once put around your neck to form of eight and transfer it over his head. It is recommended that the shawl is knitted. You can combine this model with leather jacket.
The head scarf is a suitable choice if you’re into retro fashion. Option 1 – Use it instead of tape hair and tie it to a spectacular ribbon just above the ear. Option 2 – to try something more extravagant in the style of “The Great Gatsby”. If you have a scarf, then try the hair style pin-up girls of the 60s.
According to the major designers this fall poncho’s top fashion trend. However, if you want to break stereotypes, try a huge scarf, with which to cover your shoulders, so that it looks like a poncho. Suitable for art-lovers standing elegant and most of all – warm.
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Rita Ora looks hot in new advertising campaign of Roberto Cavalli

Rita OraRita Ora looks hotter than ever in the new advertising campaign of Roberto Cavalli. The 23-year-old singer Rita Ora reveals generously feet of one of the photos from the ad campaign inspired by Marilyn Monroe.
Another photo she has unbuttoned jacket, revealing her tight body and part of her breasts. Rita Ora poses with some of the models of the designer Roberto Cavalli at his exotic collection for autumn-winter 2014/2015.
Expensive jewelry complement the new collection along with metallic heels and handbags Regina.
Rita Orabefore was showing as a model for DKNY, Adidas, Material Girl and other brands, and has already made its first steps in cinema with a role in the new film “50 shades of gray”.
The advertising campaign for Roberto Cavalli was taken by the photographer of “Vogue” in New York.